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Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict Management Coaching Services

The one-to-one approach that assists people to :

  • effectively manage and engage in conflict;
  • develop strategies and innovative solutions;
  • independently manage interpersonal relations.

A highly successful approach applied in the following situations:

  • in support of the mediation process;
  • where mediation is not possible
  • for early prevention and de-escalation of a dispute;
  • where a clash personalities or professional views arises.

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Conflict management coaching is a voluntary, confidential, one-to-one structured process that assists managers and employees to become effective at managing conflict situations that arise in the workplace. The aim of conflict management coaching is to empower the individual to engage in and take ownership of the conflict. It offers an early, informal approach for resolving conflict.

Conflict management coaching is a specialised approach that combines the principles of executive coaching with those of alternative dispute resolution.

Unresolved Conflict

Unresolved conflict places a measurable strain on the team and on the organisation, often resulting in:

  • Ill feeling and unrest,
  • Demotivation,
  • Disruption to work and services,
  • Illness/Absenteeism/Stress,
  • Grievances/complaints,
  • Costly and time consuming internal investigation/disciplinary processes,
  • Increased turnover, and
  • Litigation

CIPD research confirms that managers generally feel ill-equipped to deal with conflict, thus losing the critical opportunity to avoid escalation and the ill-effects of unresolved conflict.

Research has found that employees generally feel unsupported by the organisation when a conflict situation arises and consider they have few opportunities available to them to address matters informally.

Conflict Management Coaching and Mediation

Conflict management coaching can be used in isolation of mediation and also in support of it. Mediation focuses on the shared interests of the individuals and on reaching a workable agreement. Conflict management coaching can support this process and help to ensure lasting benefits by encouraging a transformative approach through empowerment (strengthening of the individual) and acknowledgement (recognition) of the other person. It can also work effectively where mediation is not an option.

Given that conflict is inevitable, and that the way we deal with conflict is a learned behaviour, conflict management coaching aims to prepare and equip the individual to make more effective behaviour choices when faced with future conflict situations.

Situations where Conflict Management Coaching can be Most Effective

Conflict management coaching is effective in any conflict situation, and is particularly helpful:

  • when preparing and equipping managers to address a conflict situation with a colleague or between members of their team,
  • for assisting employees who are in conflict,
  • in support of the mediation process:
    • pre, during and post mediation
    • when addressing reluctance to participate or failure to meaningfully engage in mediation,
    • where one party is unwilling to mediate and the other is,
    • where mediation has failed and support for managing the conflict on a day to day basis is required by one or both parties,
    • where mediation is successful and a measure of continuing support is required to assist the parties to embed their agreement, manage their on-going relationship and avoid reoccurrence,
    • where an impasse arises, and
    • where mediation is not an option.
  • during and/or immediately following a grievance/harassment and bullying investigation where relations are strained and difficult, and
  • somewhat uniquely, where a conflict situation arises for one party, they want to address the issues to avoid it escalating to a dispute, and the other party is not yet aware that a conflict has arisen.
The CINERGY™ Model of Conflict Coaching

The CINERGY™ model provides a clear and structured roadmap to conflict management coaching. It is a structured process where the coach guides the individual towards gaining informed and insightful solutions to their interpersonal difficulties.

The process encourages the individual to develop solutions by:

  • considering how the conflict has come about,
  • determining what triggered the conflict and what boundaries may have been crossed that escalated it from an internal conflict to an external dispute,
  • exploring the underlying values, needs and/or identities that may have been undermined,
  • considering the impact of the conflict,
  • considering any assumptions regarding motive and intent that they might have, and
  • considering the external reaction they are having and the consequences of this

Having explored these stages, the coach will encourage the individual to develop a sense of mutuality by considering the conflict from the other person's perspective.

Options are explored for taking action and these can be tried out in a safe environment with the coach offering feedback. The coach works with the individual to assist them to prepare to face the situation and to manage any barriers they may come up against along the way.

The Benefits of Conflict Management Coaching

Some of the many benefits for the individual include:

  • develops self-awareness and ownership of the conflict,
  • offers more effective responses and behaviour choices
  • empowers the individual to self-manage inevitable conflict and achieve positive outcomes.

Some of the many benefits for the organisation include:

  • avoids unnecessary escalation of conflict,
  • increased competence and confidence for managers
  • helps reduce costly and time-consuming grievances and complaints
  • improves morale and motivation
  • reduces stress related absence
  • encourages a healthy attitude to unavoidable conflict at work.
The Conflict Management Coach

The conflict management coach is a trained professional, often a HR professional, qualified coach and/or mediator, who works on a one- to- one basis with the manager/ employee. The role of the coach is to assist the individual to:

  • identify clear goals in relation to the conflict and determine how to go about achieving those goals
  • explore the concept of mutuality by encouraging the individual to consider and reflect on different perspectives,
  • explore and reflect on different responses to the conflict and the possible outcomes of those responses
  • consider what steps might be taken to resolve the conflict
  • prepare for any barriers or obstacles that may impede the achievement of their goal.

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